Breathwork-Kundalini-Meditation live

Fern Olivia and Rommy Gelly.

Wednesday, April 22nd via Zoom

6am LA / 8am Tulum / 9am NYC / 9pm Bali / 11am Sydney

Donation $15usd 

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Ascending Breath® + Thyroid Yoga® + Love Meditation®


What is Ascending Breath®?
Founded by Rommy Gelly, a technique of conscious connected breathing helps to balance your emotions, boost your immune system, release anxiety and stress, among other benefits.

What is Thyroid Yoga®? A unique method I have created weaving in ancient healing traditions rooted in voice, movement and ritual to bring balance and harmony to the body and freedom to the spirit.
Each session, we will be discovering together a new kriya for INVINCIBLE INNER STRENGTH, specifically targeting the thyroid and digestive organs with breath and movement, you'll experience a total glandular system REBOOT and power for your immune system! Followed by a sweet savasana (guided relaxation) and meditation journey.

Your journey may help in:
- Experiencing ecstasy and joy within

- Soothing the nervous system
- Releasing trauma

- Oxygenating and alkalizing the cells
- Detoxifying the body and emotions


About my beautiful co-creatrix Fern Olivia

@fernolivia is an Earth angel, Kundalini Yoga instructor, and light healing channel whose passion is raising the collective consciousness through the alchemy of soulful movement, sound, and deep listening to nature. Her meditations and journeys are intuitively guided by angels, Ancestors and light beings with the intention for all to listen to feel held by divine love, our true nature.

After the session, all who register will receive the recording, which is available to download for 24 hours once distributed.

Once you register, you will receive an individual passcode and link to the class 1 hour before starting. Please do not share your passcode or it will become invalid.

ps. Please forward this invitation to soul family you would like to join you in creating Heaven on Earth.


Together we ascend!

Sending you love!