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22-27 Nov 2019

A 6-day Sacred Breathwork Immersion in the exquisite Pondoc Wahyu retreat center in the Jungles of Ubud, Bali

with Rommy Gelly


Uncover the power of your breathing to create divine balance in your mind, body and spirit

Would you like to love again the person you see in the mirror?


To live a life that feels fun and harmonious?


How would you feel if you find clarity in your life purpose?


To have your mind reprogrammed with new beliefs that serve you better?


Would you like to manifest what you want with ease and grace?

Liberate yourself from the prison of your mind. Release stress, fatigue and overwhelm and shift into a vibrant, lit up being who lives life with purpose and ease. Get rid of trauma and resentments and experience your own healing and transformation.

What is

Over 700 people in 5 months have benefited from this powerful breathing meditation workshop. Reaching deep levels of healing and transformation through emotional catharsis, stress release, out of body experiences, body cells oxygenation, alkalization and detoxification.


I’m a dedicated practitioner and facilitator of holistic medicine. My intention is to connect with my Divinity to keep expanding in consciousness to share healing and wellbeing around the world. 

Coming from the corporate world and having experienced an accident that left me bedridden, depressed and alone for several months, I can honestly say that I am truly happy I learned to heal myself holistically and changed my life.


I live now in Bali, have a beautiful abundant life, amazing friends and freedom to do what I love. And I am willing to help you to heal your body, mind and spirit as well, and live your dreamed life.

The Location

Pondok Wahyu

Meet the magical place in paradise...

Day 1
Intention setting. Know thyself!

Day 2

Healing your physical and emotional body

Day 3
Welcome your inner child

Day 4

Balance your Divine Feminine and Masculine

Day 4

Connect with the Source & Integrate

What you will receive

Our retreat will begin at 8am on Friday, November 22 and concludes by 2 pm on Wednesday, November 27. Pricing depends on your accommodation of choice; each per-person rate includes:

  • Transformational healing breathwork sessions

  • Integration circles 

  • ThetaHealing meditations

  • Movement and sound sessions

  • Sunrise meditations & morning practices

  • Water activities

  • Vocal activation

  • Cacao ceremony

What people say

I was amazed by how powerful the breathwork practice was. I was able to tap into the circular breathing method quickly and connected deeply such that it felt as though time no longer mattered. Rommy was an experienced facilitator able to explain the power of breath and ensure I felt safe and supported throughout a powerful release process. After, I felt lighter and more blissful and most definitely will continue this practice as part of my spiritual toolkit.

– Selina S.

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