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Unleash your fullest potential to receive the Health, Love, and Spiritual Evolution you desire

Release your past
Master your present
Manifest your future

Special Launching Bonuses

Limited Capacity

Only 7 spots available!

A 12-Week Sacred Journey to Awaken your Quantum Radiance and unleash your energetic power to manifest your dreamed life


  • Upgrade your body, mind and emotions

  • Receive the outstanding benefits of quantum breathwork, a technique that Rommy has been sharing with thousands of people around the world

  • Experience the power of ThetaHealing to reprogram you thoughts and beliefs

  • Receive the activations and transmissions that your soul is longing for its evolution 

  • Prime your brain to change your thoughts and your reality

  • Understand the importance of the quantum realm

Are you ready to skyrocket your Health, Love, and Spiritual Evolution?

Do you feel the call of your own evolution? 

Do you feel ready to release old traumas, toxic emotions, and faulty beliefs, but it has been difficult for you? 

Would you like and ascend to higher frequencies, but you not know exactly how, or you feel alone in this process?

I have a gift and a solution for you! 

I am committed to helping you on your way, guide you, and activate you to receive the codes that are here for you.

In this program, I will share with you the most powerful tools, and activations I have worked with that have supported the evolutionary journeys of thousands of people and hold a safe and loving space that allows your ascension and evolution.

I have downloaded a new online group container to cleanse and reset your physical body, release your toxic emotions, reprogram your mind, and activate your energy force and quantum radiance.

Imagine what it would feel like:

  • To experience an integrative releasing and activation of your body, mind, and soul.

  • To release trauma and faulty beliefs from your subconscious mind.

  • To recognize, love, and own your shadows, and utilize their power.

  • To reach higher states of consciousness, and receive guidance and clarity

  • Having your mind reprogrammed with new beliefs and habits that serve your life better!

  • To clear the toxicity in your body, mind, and emotions, and receive light codes and activations with high vibrational frequencies.

  • To learn how to oxygenate, alkalize and detoxify your body, and strengthen your immune system just with the power of your breath and mind.

  • Be able to uplift your state of being and shift your reality in a few minutes.

  • Living a life that feels fun and easy, manifest what you want more immediately!

This is possible!

In 12 weeks this life-changing program will be reflected in every dimension of your life.

Quantum Radiance is a group container that will serve those who are ready for a quantum leap in their evolution.


This will serve you to release the density of the 3D world from your body, energy field, and emotions, and activate you to receive the new frequencies of 2022. Get empowered, synchronize with your Soul Mission, and experience the Divine Manifestation of your reality.

Experience the embodied physical and quantum energetic release that your soul has been longing for. We are body, mind, and spirit, and for the incredible times ahead, we need to be activated not only in the quantum field but also in our physical and mental bodies. The program I've downloaded has been exquisitely created for this exact purpose at this specific moment in history.

If you've already had a session with me, you know what I'm talking about. If not, I invite you to open yourself to receive the gifts and codes that I have been sharing with people all around this beautiful planet we call home, from Bali to Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Guatemala, Europe, and Asia.

We have all felt the sacred urgency of our collective awakening, and now is the time to come together, for ourselves and for each other!

Join the upcoming program:

May 10th (PST), 2022

Applications will be closing on May 7th. Only 7 spaces available.

Valued at

$9600 USD


Special Launch Price

60% Discount!

After October 29th


(Payment plans available)


Awaken, release what weighs you down, and evolve to the next level of consciousness.


~ Rommy AM Gelly


If you feel deeply called to continue this powerful evolution journey, please book a free enrolment call now:


Quantum Radiance 
Course Flow


Over 12 weeks, I will support you to step fully into the next level of consciousness and radiance through powerful:

Transformational Quantum Breathwork Journeys that have served thousands of people to release deeply stocked energy and emotions

Reprogramming Quantum ThetaHealing group sessions 

High-Frequency group mentorship group calls 

Channeled transformational meditations to reach together higher vibrational frequencies

Transmissions and light codes activations from higher Planes of Existence

Support from a peer group of other powerful souls who are also on the path of awakening

And an option for a one-on-one Quantum Psychic ThetaHealing session and DNA activation with Rommy


What you will receive in Quantum Radiance 

Weekly transmissions and light codes activations

3 x Live 90 minute quantum breathwork journeys 

3 x Live 90 minute High-Frequency group mentorship calls

3 x Live reprogramming ThetaHealing group sessions

3 x Live channeled transformational meditations

3 x Integration weeks

A private and intimate FB group

Lifetime access to all the program materials and Rommy’s signature blueprint


Bonus 1: 1 x 60 minute one-on-one psychic healing session and DNA activation with Rommy. Value: $1497

Bonus 2: 1 x 30 minute breathing-meditation to activate your chakras, and awaken your kundalini. Value: $997



"Profound, beautiful, and ethereal.
My experience with Rommy's Breathwork ceremony surprised me beyond my understanding.

I can honestly say this was a life-altering experience for me and on par with my ayahuasca journeys which I would have in months ahead. Beyond grateful for this experience."

- Gregg O’Malley, South Africa

“Rommy is an excellent facilitator: she is so grounded and wise. She channels divine mother feminine energy with a light touch and playful spirit. I’ve done breathwork with many different facilitators but Rommys style of breathwork is unique: it’s deeply nourishing and heart-opening. She holds a very loving and safe container for deep healing to happen." 

- Bri Bee, USA

The Invitation

In the final quarter of the year 2021 and one of the most powerful timelines for us to awaken, release what weighs us down, and evolve to the next level of consciousness.

Collective fear, international chaos, changes in the system, and the collapse of the 3D world paradigms may be delaying your evolution. It is now crucial to leave behind any final traces of old programming from our mind, body, and soul and be fully open to receive the codes and activations that have been coming through these last years. 

If your soul has already felt the call, but you feel you need some more guidance and support, I am committed to helping you on your way, guide you, and activate you to receive the codes that are here for you.

If you feel called, book a 15 minute non-pressure free discovery call with me, so we can drop in, and make sure this is a perfect fit for us both.


If the program is a good fit for you, this can be the best next step for your continued evolution and expansion. If not, I will give you clarity on what your next best step can be.

With love and gratitude,

Rommy AM Gelly


Why work with Rommy?

Rommy AM Gelly is a kind soul that embraces the codes of healing, love and radiance. As an experienced and certified Breathwork Therapist, Psychic ThetaHealer®, Reiki Master, intuitive, channeler and Meditation teacher, Rommy is uniquely gifted in her offerings. 

Mexican, based in Bali, she has been teaching and hosting events, retreats and workshops around the world. 

Intuitively Tantrika, she is also trained in Hatha yoga, Trophology (food combining), Tantra, and initiated in shamanism. 

She bridges all these traditions and methodologies to create portals of exploration and self-discovery. 

After leaving the corporate world behind as a high end Marketing Director for global conglomerates, she had an accident that left her bedridden for 8 months. In the pain and isolation of this experience she was able to surrender to her spiritual awakening and find her true gifts.

Rommy delivers in every offering, a safe and loving space that welcomes you to surrender to what it is; to be able to heal, release and evolve.

She is passionate about personal development, self-love, mind-mastering and nature, and her mission is to serve humanity and the planet joyfully.


Your Naturally Radiant Self
Empowered To Shine

Quantum Radiance is a group container that will serve those who are ready for a quantum leap in their evolution.


This will serve you to release the density of 3D world from your body, energy field and emotions, and activate you to receive the new frequencies of the 2022. Get empowered, synchronize with your Soul Mission, and experience the Divine Manifestation of your reality.

Join the upcoming Radiance program:

May 10th, 2022

Applications for the program will be closing on May 7th.

Valued at

$16,600 USD

Your investment only!

(Special Launch Price)

(Payment plans available)

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