It’s time to condense years of healing and inner work to unleash your powers and embody the 5D healthy-wealthy-spiritual leader YOU ARE

This is for you if you desire to experience both, the scientific and spiritual approach to master your mind, body, and energy to become your own guide and healer, to be able to support others. 

If you are interested in transforming your physical and emotional stability through powerful practices like Breathwork, Meditation, ThetaHealing, Quantum Healing, tantric movement, embodiment, energy work, light codes activations, psychic guidance, mentorship, and coaching, this is definitely for you.


 A 11-Week Shamanic-Scientific Sacred Container Online
Applications are now open, only a few spots available!
*Early bird price until December 10th

Are you longing to....

Wake up each morning feeling lighter, more energized, and alive in your body, feeling every cell of you is radiating a lust for life?
Get free of the limiting beliefs of the past so that you can create what you desire from scratch with ease?

Spend your waking hours connected to your Higher Self, so that you can make decisions in full alignment with your heart?
Find your soul purpose and share your gifts with the world so that you can support the people around you at the highest level?
Fall asleep each night with peace, content that you are healthy, abundant, and fulfilling your purpose?


Yes, this is possible for you... Yes, YOU!

I know this because I was once you, read below.



An accident left me bedridden for 8 months, isolated, and in pain!


I was trapped as a Marketing Director for multinationals. It was a journey that ultimately freed me, and awakened my true gifts. I got certified and became a world-class Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, ThetaHealing® practitioner, Trophology specialist, Yoga teacher, and Meditation Guide.


It was fantastic, but it still wasn’t enough.


Determined to truly understand the source of energy, I studied the principles of energy and Quantum Mechanics. I learned how to master supply and recycle my energy, and mastered energism and Quantum Healing!


I followed my heart across the world, helping more than 20,000 people develop their innate powers, find their Soul Mission, and heal from emotional pain, chronic physical problems, suicidal thoughts, and sexual trauma by releasing energetic accumulation and reprogramming their belief systems.


I participated in world-class festivals such as Bali Spirit Festival, Envision Costa Rica, Cosmic Convergence Lake Atitlan, Conscious Society, Burning Man, Art with Me Tulum, Sound & Silence, New Earth Festival, and a few others.


I distilled and perfected my offerings, and crafted this masterpiece QUANTUM EXPANSION, the peak of everything I've gone through, and now is the right time to share it with you!

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The most effective journey and tools to tap into a lifetime of vitality, abundance, and joy.


"Wow, what an incredible session! The whole place is still buzzing from what you did here, seriously! Especially my father... it totally rocked his world! Thank you so much! Can't wait to have you back!"

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Stephen Brooks,

Co-Founder of ENVISION Festival, Alegria Village,

Punta Mona Eco Community - Costa Rica

Listen to his testimony


“This came at the perfect time for me and it felt right. It was a really magical deep transformation. My thought patterns and belief systems are energetically recalibrated. Rommy has beautiful energy of unconditional love and support... She is a really powerful healer. I've stepped from the power center into a place of certainty and trust in myself. You won’t believe the shifts that happen during your time with Rommy - it’s been amazing!”


"I felt so much more light... She's so accurate and powerful. I’m so grateful! During Rommy’s sessions, you go to your subconscious mind and shift what needs to be shifted."

James Sunheart,
NYC/Costa Rica

“After 1 session, Rommy helped me go deeper into my psyche and pull some things out... That instantly made me feel more relief... It's going to influence my life to be more of my full potential. If you wanna do it with someone really good, I recommend Rommy.



  • Heal, detoxify, and oxygenate your body to boost your immunity.

  • Release your past to feel lighter, brighter, and really present.

  • Amplify your magnetism to attract the abundance, community, and spiritual growth you desire.

  • Alchemize your life into a powerful reality, full of love, beauty, and joy.

  • Remove blocks and reprogram your mind with beliefs aligned to harmony and gratitude.

  • Master your energy to feel vibrant by day and relaxed by night.

  • Sustain higher states of consciousness to experience peace within.


Awaken into (4).png

"I can honestly say this was a life-altering experience for me and on par with my ayahuasca journeys which I would have in months ahead. 

Elevating our soul is something I think we all intuitively feel to some degree. This is a raw and substance-free example of the power of the human condition and potential."

                                                                              Chris O'Malley, South Africa

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Selina Smith


“I was amazed by how powerful the breathwork practice was. I was able to tap in and connected deeply, such that it felt as though time no longer mattered. Rommy is an experienced facilitator and ThetaHealer able to explain the power of breath and ensure I felt safe and supported throughout a powerful release process. After, I felt lighter and more blissful and most definitely will continue this practice as part of my spiritual toolkit."

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Sean Michael


"Rommy shared a powerful modality that helped me to transcend my mind, experience deeper states of emotion, release trauma, and align with my highest vision. I found myself in a very deep transcendental
altered state.
It reminded me of the importance of breath in everyday life and remembered the beauty and importance of carrying the vibration of love in all that is.



“Wow, Rommy is the best healer and facilitator I've ever met! She is such a beautiful soul and has angelical energy! I could release the sexual trauma I had all my life, and haven't been able to release it with years of therapy, and holistic sessions, I am so surprised!

I also got clarity on my life mission and I am ready to start a new life! I would really love to have her as a guest in ALL our YTT's."

TJ. Nast


"My session with Rommy has been the most amazing experience to date... She is an experienced healer and facilitator with great energy that made me feel supported and at home... Her technique gave me a magnificent release of repressed emotion and physical pain like a really powerful psychedelic without any drugs. It was such a surreal healing experience and transformative journey. I highly recommend her session.

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Bri Bee


“Rommy is an excellent healer and facilitator, her energy is divine: she is so grounded and wise. She channels divine mother feminine energy with a light touch and playful spirit. I’ve done breathwork with many different facilitators but Rommy's style of breathwork is unique: it’s deeply nourishing and heart-opening.

She holds a very loving and safe container for deep healing to happen."

Chris O’Malley

South Africa

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"Profound, beautiful, and ethereal.
My experience with Rommy's Breathwork ceremony surprised me beyond my understanding... I can honestly say this was
a life-altering experience for me and on par with my ayahuasca journeys... I felt and saw a strong presence in the shape of a shadow release from my body, then a very light release into tears. (It’s very difficult for me to cry)... From others in the group, I heard of regressions, psychedelic visions, and purging of laughter and tears."

Daniel Sun,

"Wow... I feel so grateful, so light, and very clear! Rommy helped me connect with the guides and angels in my field while intuitively clearing blocks. Though working with Rommy, I’ve released what was no longer serving. I’m feeling so amazing, alive, and activated! I’m so grateful and highly recommend working with Rommy to anyone who has the opportunity. It blew my mind!”

Ian Nathan,

"I'm still buzzing from the work with Rommy. We went really deep, really quick. Before the session, all I felt like doing was laying on the couch and I couldn’t even breathe well. Now, I can breathe deep and feel like dancing!” 


“I’ve never tried drugs, but I was in ecstasy! You took me to another galaxy that was foreign yet mystic. It was so beautiful, liberating, intoxicating, and emotional. Now I feel like I can do anything! I highly, highly, highly recommend working with Rommy!”

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You are a divine being worthy of support. 
QUANTUM EXPANSION is your portal to greatness!


 A 11-Week Online Shamanic Sacred Container
Applications are now open, only a few spots available!
*Early bird price until December 10th

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For Heart-Centered Leaders Ready to Upgrade in Health,
Wealth, Energy & Spirituality


Applications are now open!


QUANTUM EXPANSION is Rommy's Signature Masterpiece.

A 11-Week MasterMind + MasterHeart + Healing Online Program. Truly one of a kind!

In this Transformational Group Container, you will receive weekly live group calls


​​Live Breathwork Journeys that have transformed +20,000s of people worldwide

High-Frequency Mentorship and Coaching Group Calls
Channeled Meditations with High-Vibrational Frequencies
Advanced ThetaHealing Group Sessions 

Quantum Energy Healing Sessions
Transmissions and Light Codes Activations
Support from a community of like-minded souls from all over the world
*An option for a 1-1 Psychic ThetaHealing Session and DNA Activation with Rommy

What’s inside this magical journey?



     3 x Live 90 minute Breathwork Journeys with Energy Work

     3 x Live 90 minute Quantum Coaching Calls with High-Frequency Transmissions 
     2 x Live 90 minute Reprogramming Advanced ThetaHealing Sessions
     2 x Live Channeled Guided Group Meditation with Transmitted Activations
     3 x Integration weeks
     Private FB group with an uplifting community of powerful souls awakening 
     Access to other program materials and Rommy’s Signature Blueprint


Bonus 1: 1 x 14-Day Sleep Like Never Before Blueprint 

Bonus 2: 1 x 35-min Skyrocket your Day Breathwork Exercise and Guided Meditation Video (in English & Spanish) 

Bonus 3: 1 x 25-min Powerful Breathing Technique to Activating your Chakras & Awakening your Kundalini from India VALUE 


1 X 25-min Personalized Audio Theta Brainwaves Meditation for immediate relaxation, nervous system restoration, and mind decongestion


1 X 60-min Personalized Channeled Quantum Healing Session with me, for DNA Activation with deep energy work, to scan and reprogram your faulty beliefs, and watch your life unfolding positively

By now, you might be feeling a full-body YES and want to explore more...

Let me make it easy for you,

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I will be happy to help you to get clarity about yourself, and to discover if we are a great match together for your Highest Good.

Love and gratitude,