Group or One-on-one

Unleash the magic of your own breath! 

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful tool to reach inner bliss, enhance mental states of clarity and deep relaxation. By tapping you into higher states of consciousness, it opens you to experience of shamanic journeys and emotional release. Breathwork helps to heal trauma, reduce stress and soothe your nervous system. It also oxygenates your cells, detoxifies and alkalizes your body.


Face to face or Online

An Ancient Science

ThetaHealing® is a world renown healing technique used to address physical, emotional and spiritual issues. The technique utilizes the Theta Brain Waves and deep energy work to scan and discard your limiting beliefs and to reprogram them positively. It produces an instantaneous and permanent transformation into your body, mind and soul at the cellular level.

The session includes an intuitive scan, belief system reprogramming and the healing in all of your bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic). We will find out which of your beliefs may be holding you back from being your best self and to a reprogramming. The changes will be co-created together with this Higher Energy Force. I will ask your permission for every belief change and healing performed.

Image by Samuel Austin